Friday, April 29, 2016

Our norm this May

The little details and seemingly uneventful moments of these little kid years are important to me to remember. I love looking at old pictures from my childhood and my parents' childhoods, noticing the background and little details that tell more of the whole story behind a photo. Where was that pic taken? How old were you there? Why are you barefoot? (Bc your mom was too tired of fighting other battles)

Set turns the water hose on every single day. It keeps him busy for longer than 5 minutes and away from making enormous messes inside my house. 

Sometimes we show up a bit early to pick up the bigs from school to play on the playground. It sounds easy, but really, Jane lauren goes one direction and Set goes the opposite. So, I end up being more worn out than if we'd just sat in the carpool line. 

Visiting the fishing lake with my parents and sister. 

Lots of hours in the backyard

Playing on the big hill behind isaac's office 

Gardening in the backyard 

Wonder place 

Boat rides on lake Hamilton 

Neighbors make the best friends 

Reading at bedtime

JL has continued the love for dot Markers. Also liked to throw fits now. 

I'm real worn out by 4:30 everyday. But in a very good way.