Tuesday, March 14, 2017

February: outside weather, hot springs, and hunter man

A very mild February. We have played more outside than I would have ever expected. A mother's dream!  I thank God for that and for our neighbors:)

I love carting this little thing on my hip. I won't be able to do it much longer. HAVE to document it.

We went to Costa Rica with three other couples and it was WONDERFUL!

I would love to go again! The pool, Catamaran and the hidden beach were amazing.

 We've been to Hot Springs several times this winter. Our friend, Hunter, passed away this month and we were able to attend a race that was in his honor. Very special. Hunter was one of isaac's best friends. He had the best memory in the world. One of my favorite memories of him... When I was teaching first grade, we had a zoo field trip and I needed some adult volunteers to help out and chaperone. I randomly asked Hunter if he would be available, and he came!!! He escorted two or three of my boys around the zoo, and even bought them taco bell for lunch.

Charlie turns 7

Because Larry's Pizza gave Charlie 500 tickets as the birthday boy, Charlie wanted to have his bday again at Larry's.

We picked out the cake at Kroger, we drew some red lines on it, and put these little players from Amazon on there. Fancy!

He loved it. Even said it was the best day of his life. I asked what he liked most, and he said everyone was nice to him... and that his friend Nathan even gave him most of his own tickets to spend. 

Sweet sweet boy. He has the most loving and tender heart. SO very thankful for the last seven years we've had him in our lives.

Monday, March 13, 2017

january, snow and memphis

Our first and only snow. It was not much, but we were okay with that.

We took the big three to memphis to see a grizzly game and celebrate cousin cruz' birthday!