Thursday, April 18, 2019

Spring Break in Beaver Creek, Colorado

We took the kids skiing over spring break. Several families from our neighborhood also booked in Beaver Creek, CO, which made the location even more fun. Having friends in ski school was nice.

along with the taylors and all our carry ons, we took over our favorite restaurant at the denver airport.

We stayed at the Park Hyatt,  which was amazing. It was just a few steps from the ski school, which was a big priority and luxury when you've got four kids 10 and under. And it became even more convenient after the hubs separated his shoulder and could only use one arm.

they refilled the humidifiers for us each night, very appreciated by me
i am so used to arkansas humidity, and when i'm in 
colorado, my nose is not happy

putting on all the gear is a workout

snowboarding shoulder injury on last run of the first day.
he has snowboarded for years and never been hurt.
first time for everything. 
i was just grateful it wasn't a serious injury... and for ski school.

daily cookies and lots of apres ski fun every afternoon

scouted out the kids with their ski instructors. they caught on so super fast. unlike me as a kid.
jane lauren stayed on the bunny slopes which was perfect for her.

thank goodness for a boot room and great service, this hotel made the mornings a lot easier

daily smores after the daily cookies

this girl loved it even more than i expected

 despite the shoulder injury, this was a near perfect trip. i'm more of a beach person, so i had low expectations.
yet i loved the ski school and nearness of everything. loved the hotel and having friends around. loved finding cute ski suits and the gorgeous snow.  we will be going back. soon hopefully.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer trip to Aspen

We escaped the Arkansas heat and headed to the mountains. This was our first time to Colorado in the summer.... and not ski/snowboard.  Isaac was itching to board on the lifts up and down the mountain.

We went to ride horses at a small ranch near the famous maroon bells peaks. 

The kids showed no nervousness riding for the first time. 

We walked along with the kids as they rode. 
Guides helping us find some beautiful meadows, creeks, and wild raspberries. 
This was a big highlight for me. The trails seems almost untouched, no one but us and the guides were around. The kids were not complaining. Perfect activity. 

We went to see the Maroon Bells and it's true. You cannot describe how beautiful they are to see in person. 

We had a little picnic, the boys skipped rocks, and found moss along the paths to throw in the creek. Charlie and Ike and I could have stayed all day, but our other three family members were tired quickly. 

We also went to a rodeo in Snowmass, 20 mins away, but I didn't bring my big camera there. That was one of the most fun activities. Those pictures are on my phone and Instagram. We went to the top of Snowmass another day and rode the alpine slide, climbed some rock walls, and fished for a couple of hours. 
I discovered that I love Colorado in the summer, and that my crew is getting easier to enjoy on trips. 
Hope we get the chance to do this again next summer.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Jane Lauren is 3!

 JL has been asking for an egg hunt for her party ever since a friend had an Easter egg hunt bday party back in the spring.
so, of course, we had a turkey egg hunt.
(another misty day, just like last year)



 my sister, mattie, was so kind to take pictures for us!

I speckled some eggs with brown paint to make them look a little more turkey like







 I hid 4 golden eggs in more difficult places for the bigger kids to find. They spent a looong time looking and it turned out to be one of my fav party moments when all 4 were finally found

 jl in girly girl heaven. annette and set were very helpful with all of the opening




 we are so beyond grateful for this little girl.
I've said since she was born, she was and is like this special little present from God to me.
I have failed in keeping her a baby, so I will rejoice in watching her grow in each cute and new stage.