Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jane Lauren's Second Month

a doughnut date with charlie boy. i'd like a one-on-one date with each of my 5 peeps weekly. not happening, but it would be nice

She's smiling at us now. The real smiles. And she just started cooing.  sweetest stuff

Y'all. I just can't get enough! 
I can see how people have 10 kids now.
I feel like this fourth baby is so so much easier bc I've let go of so many worries that I had the first few go rounds.
And I KNOW how fast she will enter Kindergarten, and so I am just filling up my phone with literally thousands of pictures... trying to capture every sweet and fast moment.

I realize I have control over so little. 
Set drank this whole bottle of vitamin D while I was feeding Jane Lauren the other day. Our first call to the poison control center.
Thankful it wasn't anything that could really hurt him. He did throw it up a few hours later.

Our evenings are filled with managing supper, baths, and bedtimes right now. Rocking and singing and read alouds. Set has finally, FINALLY, figured out how to sleep in a big boy bed. Thanks to Isaac, who spent over a week of sleepless nights keeping Set in a bed, while I was sleeping in between newborn feedings around the clock. (We did not plan to switch Set to a bed, but he kept climbing out of crib no matter what we tried.)
People we've talked to with several kids say when they look back, these preschool years are quite foggy. I can see why. My brain is foggy right now.
SO, hopefully, documenting some of this stuff will keep the memories more accessible.