Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Cedar Weekend

Isaac and I spent our first wedding anniversary at Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, MO and hoped we would get to go back. Now, three years later, we got the chance to celebrate our 4th anniversary there. Thanks to Isaac's parents and my parents (and sisters), Ike and I got to reconnect and relax together... sans kids:)

On the drive up there we stopped at a place called The Chuck Wagon for some lunch. The waitress told us they were known for their hand breaded chicken and the fried green beans. It was amazing southern comfort food that left us feeling good.... and 10 pounds heavier.

While we were driving up there, we started talking about how life has changed for us in the past three years. Two precious children have been added to our family since our first anniversary. My job has switched from teaching a classroom full of first graders, to teaching and nurturing my own two toddlers at home. We have a different house, different cars, different schedules, different responsibilities, and a different perspective on life now that we're parents.

On Saturday night we took advantage of the 'picnic basket meal' Big Cedar offers. They bring you a basket full of all the fixins' for a fabulous three course meal  to cook and enjoy in your own cabin. Our favorite meal of the trip, for sure.

While Isaac grilled the steaks, I got to read. I'm in the middle of the newest Newbery award winning book, Moon Over Manifest.


Growing up, I learned how to fish with a cane pole in an aluminum boat on the stumpy Lake Conway. My dad, mom, uncles and aunts, have each caught their share of big pretty bass, but all I ever caught were little bitty brim and that's about it. Ever since then, I've wanted to have my own bass fishing story to brag about. So Isaac and I talked about how fishing together would be a lot of  fun (and would deposit points into our 'recreational companionship' bank... per our His Needs Her Needs study:) and decided to book a guided fishing trip while we were up at Big Cedar. SO, on Sunday morning we rose bright and early with high hopes. They said it was a perfect weekend for fishing. They were not right. The weather was beautiful, but the fish were not biting. We spent four hours casting our lines into the Table Rock Lake and have nothing to show for it. All I caught was a rock. Literally. Somoene had tied a rope around a rock for a make shift anchor and I caught it with my hook. Not the exciting fishing adventure we had hoped for, but still a funny memory and we gained some good quality time out on a boat.

Our guide, Jimmy, has been a paid fishing guide since the ripe age of 8. His father was a guide, too. I asked him if we could get our money back since we didn't catch any fish. He laughed.

It was in the upper 80's, so we were able to lay out poolside on Sunday afternoon. I must say, reading by the pool while getting sun .... it's a very, very wonderful thing:) Notice I did NOT take any pictures of my pale self in a swimsuit. As my sister Lauren would say, " My legs are as white as ranch dressin' ".

We also did a little outlet shopping, went to see  "Arkansas' Natural Bridge" where we picked up some fun gifts for the kiddos, and ate at some of the great restaurants at Big Cedar.

I got this cool Indian head dress for less than 5 bucks, and the little purse and a top for Charlie for next to nothing at this random Natural Bridge place on the way to Branson.

Back at home, Annette and Charlie had fun with Granny and Grandad, aunts Mattie and Lauren, and Nonnie and Doc.

We are extremely blessed to have so many family members so close to us. Thank you, fam, for allowing us to enjoy a weekend getaway:) Knowing our kids are in such good hands makes it so much easier for us to relax!


the osbornes said...

Morgan, I am laughing so hard about the rock!! Ha! But way to go on the "recreational companionship" time. :)

Sugar Savvy said...

yea! i loved your trip! :) i want the picnic basket at my house every night... saves me the trip to grocery.

Boonies in the Boonies said...

LOVE this post. It looks wonderful! Definitely going to be planting some seeds to get Aaron to plan a trip SOON!