Friday, July 20, 2012


We joined a sticker club/chain mail dealie.

At first, I thought this might be annoying. I'm not normally a chain letter person or email forwarder at all. Then, Annette got a letter in the mail with her name on it from a friend. She was excited to say the least 😁😁😁, and that's when I decided that this would be only a tad of a chore. Plus, I'm already thinking of all the skills I can teach her with this fun snail mail activity! Super great for learning AND fun :)

The letter asks you to make copies, but we don't have a very efficient copier at our house. So, for people that want to start their own round of Sticker Club chain letters, and for the 6 people that we mailed our snail mail too, I've typed up and attached a blank sticker club letter for easy printing from your home printer.

There it is ^^^^.

Happy Weekend!


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Christina S. said...

it says i need access to download the letter???