Monday, July 30, 2012


Isaac's parents kindly took us to the circus. We had such a great time.

We had amazing floor seats thanks to Doc and Nonnie.

The elephants were one of the most amazing parts. At one point they did handstands!!!! I didn't get my camera ready in time for that stunt, but so wish I had.

For most of the show, this was my fantastic view.

Then, the kids in front of me wore these. They had been in front of Isaac for the first half of the show. Ha ha.
Annette quickly hopped from my lap to Nonnie's for a less obscured view.  

Doc got each kiddo a light up toy. They could not have had more fun with them. Especially Cruz! Here he is  showing Charlie how to have fun. My kids are still playing with them all the time at the house.

Thanks, Nonnie and Doc, for a wonderful time and a treasured memory!!!

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