Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fish and Boats and Fun, Oh My

We went to Hot Springs early Friday afternoon and spent the night at Isaac's parent's place which is just a few steps away from Lake Hamilton. It's wonderful!

We fished, rode on the boat, swam in the pool, went to Sam's Pizza, put some puzzles together, had a picnic... all that fun lake stuff.

The many faces and moods of Annette. Grumpy above, joyful below. 

Annette reeled in this whopper of a fish ;)

The kids took turns 'helping' Isaac drive the boat.

Boat riding. I've loved it since I was an itty bitty girl on a fishing boat on stumpy Lake Conway.
 I remember humming to the buzz of the boat motor. I still catch myself doing that.

Annette liked swimming in the lake water, but Charlie had a hard time staying upright in his life jacket. He much prefers his floaties and a pool. 

Annette and her Dad dancing at Sam's Pizza. Don't worry. Charlie and I got out there and danced, too.

Love. The. Lake.

Thanks, Nonnie and Doc, for sharing it with us!


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Michelle said...

LOVE your lake pics!:)