Monday, July 9, 2012


We had some drops today!

Rain drops and vinegar drops.

With the glorious rain, we enjoyed some indoor fun today. We started out by going to the library this morning.... and had fun.... withOUT a single behavior issue from either of my kids! Which is just about as glorious and sparse (and desired) as this July rain has been. In my book anyways.

Then, we went to the grocery store with no major issues there either. Who were those two well behaved children on our morning outings? ;) As we were leaving though, we were a sight. Two toddlers and one growing mom under a smallish umbrella pushing a full grocery cart through a parking lot. I don't want to ever ever ever forget how awkward rainy moments can be when toting little kids.

Once the kids and I unbagged the drenched fruit and soggy cardboard items groceries, I started a soup that I've been wanting to try from Pinterest. While I chopped and cooked, I had the kids play with some droppers. Another Pinterest idea that I am so excited we tried!

First, I had the kids just play with plain water and the droppers. Showing them how to squeeze the top and release it, all while submerged in the water. That was the hard part for Charlie. He kept taking his dropper out before the water had a chance to get sucked in. He managed to get it right a few times, but he ended up just forcing the water onto the tip and then smashing it into the powder most of the time. Not quite as fulfilling.

I waited until they got a bit bored with just the plain old water (dragging out these types of activities makes them worth the clean up:), and then added some food coloring.

When they had just about lost interest in that, I gave them containers lined with baking soda.

After all that fun/mess/excitement, I added vinegar to the colored waters. We smelled the vinegar. Love the face Annette made when she smelled it :) Wish I'd caught that on camera.  I asked her what she thought would happen when we put the vinegar onto the white baking soda.  "I think it will pow at us!" she said.
Love that strong verb choice.

She quite enjoyed the bubbly reaction. Although, it wasn't quite a pow. More like a friendly fizzle.

Charlie lost interest about 3 steps ago, and so began making a train of pillows along the floor.

It was a calm and peaceful Monday. So Nice.

It was especially nice because this weekend my mind had started wandering down that fear road, 
for no real reason at all. 
My mind can get so caught up in the what-ifs when it comes to this growing baby. Which isn't too common a feeling for me, typically speaking. So, I don't do well going down that path. I guess no one does, really.

But all that to say....
Thank you, God, for the days like today. 
Where you help me see and enjoy all the blessings right in front of me.  


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