Friday, July 6, 2012

Visiting Jordan and Celebrating the 4th

My kids are still sleeping. It's 8:25 am. Truly lovely. 
We have all been wiped out after a fun and heat filled past few days.

We went to a parade in Hillcrest on Wednesday morning, and then we took a 2+hour drive to go visit Isaac's younger brother, Jordan. 

Hoped the kids would nap in the car, yet not a single eye closed on our semi-short road trip.

Isaac's brother, Jordan, will be 29 this month. It's so good when we get up to see him here in Charleston, Arkansas. He lives at this wonderful little place, near Paris, AR. It's beautiful with all the farm land surrounding it.  I feel like I go back in time about 20 years when we are in this quaint town. It's marvelous : )

Isaac's parents have an apartment right there on the Greenhurst campus where Jordan lives. It's so nice. 

My friend, Sarah, got us a water hopscotch for my kids. They love it, Sarah!

This is the view from their apartment. Jordan lives in that building you see across the grassy lawn.

Fun playing with Cousin Cruz. 

Swinging with Nonnie.

You can see all the people that started showing up late in the afternoon for the fireworks display. The nursing home hands out free hot dogs and sodas for everyone. Isn't that amazing!? Over 1,000 hot dogs were handed out. Isaac's mom volunteers much of her time to helping with all types of events at Greenhurst.

We went from swimwear to dry clothes to swimwear and back several times throughout the day. 

There is this cute little pavilion with a dock on a small pond. Ducks and all. Charlie probably threw a hundred rocks in that pond.

This picture of Annette above cracks me up. She is into this pose lately. 

Finally time for the big firework show. And my camera battery dies. I think I took a few too many pictures:)

It was wonderful spending time with Isaac's family, especially Jordan. 

And the picture overload is purely for me. I want to treasure all these precious memories.

Here are a few pics from the parade earlier that morning.

We heard a condensed version of the Decleration of Independence read in front of this house. Apparently this tradition has been going on since 1976. Pretty cool.

We had a super 4th! 
Hope y'all did too : )


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Carol said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the silhouetted pics of Charlie with the windmill in the background. And everything else- happy 4th!