Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Craft x 3

With more time around the house this week and these scorching temps, we have done some fun indoor July crafts.

I found several ideas on Pinterest, but none seemed just right for us. So, I came up with my own.

#1   Fireworks using Straws

I dropped some blue and red paint on big pieces of white drawing paper.

We tried to blow the paint around using the straw, but that didn't work too well. I guess we would need more slicky-style paper (finger painting paper maybe?) and/or more watery paint for the blowing technique to work well. So, we used the straws to drag the paint around to form fireworks.

I found that if you leave the paint drops sitting for very long and then you have a heavy handed 3 year old scraping the paint around, you may end up with some holes in your artwork.

#2  Cupcake Liner Collage

We wanted to keep on crafting, so I pulled out some cupcake liners leftover from past birthday parties. Recognize the polka dot liners from Charlie's ball themed party? ;)
I let them use the glue and liners to create whatever they wanted.

Annette said her design was a 'peacock' which I thought was mighty creative. Charlie just stuck to squeezing the glue bottle most of the time. This red, white, and blue craft was more for the process than the end result, because the finished products weren't too impressive :)

#3  American Flags

We started with big white paper again, and some red construction paper.

I cut the red paper into long strips so we could use them to create the stripes on the flag. If I had wanted to do the true 13 stripes, I would have needed to make the red strips thinner for sure.

I showed the kids how to use glue to make a line across the page. They were both able to do this with a bit of help. Then, they laid the red stripes on top of the glue. The strips weren't long enough, so we used additional red paper pieces to complete each row. I love how patched up these look. Adds to their childish charm if you ask me.

Charlie is getting so good at crafting!!! He can cut, glue, paint, etc. now. All with a paci in his mouth : /

 I drew a little rectangle in the corner so we would leave space for the stars.

For the stars, I used sticky notes and cut out several stars at a time. Then, the kids peeled the stars apart and stuck them in the corner rectangle.

Then, the kids painted blue over the stars. They loved this part.

Not afraid of a mess, are we? :)

While the paint dried, we walked around the house with our mini store-bought American flags. I sang songs from my teaching and school days. Fifty Nifty United States. You're a Grand Old Flag. My Country Tis' Of Thee. You know the ones.

Then, it was time for the big reveal. We peeled the post-it stars off.

And Voila! Inaccurate but CUTE American flags.

I'd say we are getting in the Independence Day spirit around here.

We are also hoping for some fireworks in Charleston, AR on Wednesday evening, when we go visit Uncle Jordan.

Think they will be cancelled due to this DRY weather??? 
That would burn me up. Pun intended. 

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