Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Right Brain

We've been exercising the right side of our brains lately. Not that that's unusual for us : )

Here Charlie is at Tumble N Play at the Racquet Club. He loves this class and has learned so much. It's one of my favorite weekly activities, just spending time with Charlie.

Here the little stinker is with a self placed band-aid in between his eyes. Creative, right? Stuck to his eyebrow hairs, though.  Ouch.

Here is my little 3 year old artist. The girl loves using her fine motor skills. 
"Here is a church" she says. 

My mom and Aunt Lauren played twister with the kids the other day. Annette, the little teacher in the making, decided she should be the spinner, aka the Boss. 

Here is her drawing of a person singing outside the chruch :)

Here is a masterpiece I found on my phone. We love this app, by the way.

The other day we had a neighbor over to play and we tried out another Pinterest idea. We used the tops of bottles and other circluar objects to make some artwork. Left brained people, this paint is all very washable and took only about 6 or so minutes to clean up.

I've decided to start framing some of the kid's handy work. I keep my favorite art things in this big tub for safe keeping. Now, I'm trying to decide which pieces to hang in which frames. Plus, I decided to spray paint them all a cream color. It will take me a while to get them all framed and hung, but it should happen eventually! 

Hopefully, this will turn into a finished project sooner than later. 

Happy Wednesday

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