Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day, my birthday, and a few more

My birthday landed on Father's Day this year. Isaac and I took turns celebrating each other, ha!

On saturday night, Isaac took me and a couple of friends to Sushi Cafe. 

He is a super super husband and a great great father. A shockingly great father. I say shockingly bc he can take all three kids to the store and birthday parties and anywhere else with such ease. Things that wear ME out. 
I'm just about envious of his natural fun way with the kids.

 It's truly the greatest gift to have a husband who can love me and our kids SO very very well. Consistently. 

On Sunday night, we went to my moms for dinner to celebrate Father's Day and my bday. 

The kids made me the sweetest cards. And Ike got me a new camera lens!! Wahoo! Can't wait to start playing with it. 

In other news, Annette has been enjoying her tennis lessons at rebsamen. 

Annette and Charlie have gone to some play days at St. Marks. 

A family on our block moved to the Chicago area, so we had a farewell swim party. 

We will miss you, kershaws! 

It was a great first week of summer break, for sure. 


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