Saturday, March 10, 2012

a red ball party for Charlie

Dear Charlie,

I wanted to throw you a red ball themed party. You love balls, and I tend to like all things classic/old timey/vintage/etc. So, a classic red rubber ball theme inspired by Pinterest came to be.

Granny made these cute red velvet cupcakes with cherries on top. Perfect for our ball theme. 

Mrs. Mandy made you your cute shirt. She is amazing at applique, so I was so thankful she helped me out!

Your buddy, Brooks. You talk about him all the time, so I know you were so excited to see him at your party.

I brought some balls for all the kiddos to throw around Jump Zone. I'm sure the workers loved me.

 It was hard to take un-blurry pictures at this party with everyone running and jumping around!

 Your sweet Nonnie : )

How long will you stay obsessed with water? Sinks, fountains, pools, ponds... you seem to have an unusually strong interest in the stuff.

You are also extremely interested in babies. You always head straight towards them, pat their heads, and put their paci back in their mouth. Precious.

You are so easy going and peaceful to be around. We call you a clown because you are always making us laugh. 

 You absolutely love your Daddy like crazy. I can see why. You 'rough house' and play catch with him every evening.

 I like the above picture because it shows how much movement went on at this party. Lots of bouncing all over the place. And, you can see both of your grandpas in the background!

Your Dad has some pretty great friends. I believe you were playing at the front of the place near the quarter-stealing toys during this picture. Typical!

You still love that paci. And I don't even mind.

 The kids seemed to enjoy the cake pops. Your dad helped me dip the cake balls into the red chocolate last night. He would want you to know that he was much better than me at creating smooth, round looking pops.
Perfection is not my thing. 

Charlie has a mouth full of pizza and is asking to play Ride Little Horsey.

We are just starting to sing Happy Birthday, when you realize all the attention is on you... and  you don't seem to like it! This is your big sister's favorite part, so I was surprised when you cried and reached for your Granny during this part.

No worries though. Annette loved getting the chance to blow out the candles.

Yes, your candles are stuck in a bowl full of red chocolate candies. You won't eat any type of cake or ice cream, but you love candy. So, I decided that you would like this type of presentation the most. You loved eating the little red chocolate balls that I found at Party City. The day before it caught fire : (

You cheered right back up when we started opening gifts from all your sweet friends.

Annette did a pretty good job of letting you open the presents. But did insist on providing some help, of course ; ) 

This drill set toy came from your Daddy and me. I have a feeling you will play with it a lot.

We gave your friends a ball and some of Nonnie's delicious cookies to take home on their way out.

Thank you, Pen and Paper Flowers on Etsy, for the help with the invitations, banner, and favor tags. The polka dot 'table runners' are just long pieces of wrapping paper! Knew I would find a way to tie the dot wrapping paper into the decor : )  

Before we 'bounced' back into the car to return home, we let the big balloons go off into the sky. Mattie tried to capture a family picture for me, but this again proved hard to do.

 It was a treat to get to celebrate YOU, sweet Charlie. You are a wonderful, amazing blessing to me and all of our family.

Even your big sister thinks so. 

 Happy Birthday, my precious TWO year old!


Your very blessed Mommy.


Carol said...

So cute! Love it all - wish we could have made it!

Sloan and Alison said...

LOVE this!!!

Hraccus R said...

wonder why you did not keep the balloons until they went flat or deflated them by cutting the knots