Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break 2012: Day 3

We expected the rain to come yesterday, so we planned SB '12 day three at an indoor playground. It has a gym attached to it, so the kiddos got to be wild and free. They threw balls, played with dolls, tattled, played pretend, see-sawed and colored, ate pizza, and played some more. The running around and expending all that energy finally paid off for me at naptime. My inconsistent nappers both napped for almost 2 hours yesterday. I felt like a new mom.

Mary Kathryn brought pizza, toys, and markers for the kids to play with. Perfect play date.

Charlie is drawn to the babies. Always :)

Noah could dribble really well. I was impressed. He's going to be such a catch some day ; )

Aren't they precious?!? 

 It's been nice this week... intentionally creating fun memorable days to share with other families. 
The rest of the week, we will just be hanging out with each other: nette, chas, and me.
Not to worry though. I've come up with some fun for the next couple of days, too ; )

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