Sunday, March 25, 2012

Farm Wedding

One of my best friends, Erin, from elementary school got married last weekend. I got caught up in our spring break activities this week and didn't post about it until now.

Erin's sister, Elizabeth, got married at their same family farm just this past November, so the gorgeous outdoor setting may look familiar from this past blog post.

Erin and I have so many hilarious memories together. They are actually probably not that funny to many other people, but to me, they make my 'happy memory bucket' overflow.

This is the same Erin that my family went on a beach trip with last summer, creating more Setzler/Cramblett history.

Here are some pics I snapped with my iPhone from the wedding weekend. I brought my real camera along expecting to take lots of pretty pictures all weekend, but I had so much fun chatting it up with the other bridesmaids and then chasing my children around, I never even took one 'real' picture. I'll add that to my list of regrets.

                             rehearsal                                                                             luncheon
My sweet parents and sisters watched Annette and Charlie back in Little Rock while Isaac and I went to the rehearsal dinner. They kept them overnight and then brought them up with them on their way to the wedding. Which allowed Isaac and me a night to ourselves. So nice.

Here we are at the rehearsal dinner... where I told our heartbreaking basketball team split story ; )

The big day.....

 Erin was the most relaxed bride I have ever been around! She looked AMAZING.
Her dress, the flowers, the setting.... it was all perfect.
The below picture was taken in the cute memory-filled little farm house right before the ceremony began. Glad to have another fond memory to add to that place.

 Here we are at the reception at the Red Apple Inn.
My kids were a handful.

Charlie had to change TWO different times throughout the reception. He ended up in a t-shirt and shorts because I had only packed a couple of things for him. What a boy.  I love that my sis, Lauren, took a picture of this. Now, I'll forever remember that I need to pack three outfits appropriate for a wedding, Just In Case.

Charlie surprisingly didn't like dancing on the dance floor. He had a mild case of stage fright I believe. Annette thoroughly enjoyed it. She would only dance with me, though. Which is so not like her. Not even her Daddy or even aunt Lauren could pry her away from me. I have to say, I kind of loved it, because typically I am like her third or fourth choice. No joke.

The kids were super tired, so we took them back to our room. We put Annette on a pallet on the floor, Charlie in a portable crib. Turned out the lights and sang to them. Guess who fell asleep first. Me. Hee hee :)

On Sunday, we woke up and had a crazy good breakfast. I had the breakfast quessadillas and I HIGHLY recommend getting them if you ever find yourself at the cute Red Apple Inn in Heber Springs. 

We walked around and enjoyed the nice weather and the beautiful views around us. What a nice getaway.

Charlie had fun playing with Uncle Anthony, who played 'rough' with him.
Annette loved staying at the Inn. I guess it's the first hotel type experience she can remember. She kept saying, "Daddy bought us this room for just our family to stay in. No one else is coming in here except us." It was a bit selfish and exclusive sounding, but I think mostly she was excited to have some special family time in a cool new place.

And, then, it was time to pack up and head home. 

Love making these type of memories with friends and family.

The Smith's wish Erin and Erik the very, very best!

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Drew Watts said...

Oh! I love farm weddings a lot. It connects you with the nature so much. I am also looking for one of the wedding venues which is located far away from the city and is surrounded with greenery. I simply loved your post. It seems like a fun trip.