Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daddy Day by Isaac

My thoughts after having the kids on Saturday.

A bit cheesy, but true.

As a father, you strive for those quality moments with your children. Those times where you connect on a heart level, really understand each other and know that betwixt you, love is unconditional. Finding and creating those moments is as elusive with a 2 and 3-year-old as catching runaway paper artwork in this wind of late. (Charles will be 2 on Friday.)

These heart-level moments I find are almost always experienced more so in reflection and rarely do I ever consciously acknowledge them while in the present. Luckily, I have a daughter who requires at least 3-4 stories before nap or bedtime; all of which are about our family's past. 

A few that have made the story rotation:

 - When Annette was put on the hospital warming table after being born with eyes that locked on daddy saying "I don't know why but I should know this person." 

 - Charles wanting to play football with daddy so badly that he threw the ball as hard as he could against a tree and it bounced right back into his head. 

 - Annette loving to shower so much that she walked in to the running water fully dressed, after 'late for work dad' had briefly stepped out of the bathroom while the running water heated up. 

Maybe these are glamorized now looking back, but they are deep quality heart moments because they all say, "Daddy I love you, I want to be with you and do the things that you do." 

So, it is Saturday on my own with my two again and we make pancakes for breakfast, walk downtown with the Little Rockers, enjoy a Dr. Suess magic show and top it off with McDonald's lunch and play place (pics below). I don't wish for more time in the day, I don't wish for more stuff, money or even more happiness. I wish and pray for contentment and dwell on the family that has been given me and those life moments that are pure, heart, joy.

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