Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break: Wonder Place and Bunny Craft

We've been spring breakin' it this week and when my job of mothering/babysitting/entertaining two toddlers starts around 7:15am and getting them to both nap is about a 50/50 chance, my day can look real long. So, we have made plans each day to keep things interesting.

I had some free passes to the Wonder Place, so that was my game plan for yesterday. My two are at the perfect ages for that place.

Charlie will break out into silly dances and the splits lately. Yes, the actual 'middle' splits. It's hard to keep a straight face with him around. 

New fishing poles at the water table. He spent a LOT of his time here. 

Annette playing vet. And looking guilty. No idea why, which is scary but not uncommon.

Bunny Craft

We have been working on this bunny craft in the afternoons. We cut 2 paper towel rolls into several smaller pieces. I got this idea from Pinterest and then this blog which is filled with other cute ideas that we may be trying out soon. 

I cut the tubes with my big scissors and cut a pair of lengthy ears for each 'bunny'. I tried Elmer's glue for attaching ears at first. After they kept falling out, I got out my handy glue gun. Of course, I had to do that part too, but Annette painted each one all by herself while I cut and glued the thin cardboard pieces together. Not sure I would do this project with a 3 year old again, since I ended up doing the majority of the crafting.  Oh, hind sight. 

 I put paper under her painting spot so the paint wouldn't get ALL over the place while she turned the wet cylinders. Pretty effective. One day, maybe one day, I'll have a new nice table that isn't from Savers, and we might do messy crafts in a different place. But, until I have room for a craft table and a craft table, we will be getting crafty right on the eating table.  I could put an oilcloth tablecloth down for craft time. I might do that next time if I think of it. However, I usually just get an idea in my head to make something and get started in like the next 40 seconds or so. Pulling out materials as we go along and making messes as we go. Sounds ridiculous to some, I'm sure. 

We let them dry.

And then, yesterday, we glued on eyes, cotton tails, pom poms for noses, and some little whiskers.

We used elmer's glue for the eyes and noses, which worked well. Although, I did have to lay them like this to keep the noses from rolling off. 
Then, we (or I should say "I" because Annette had a hard time cutting the felt) cut out some felt triangles. She helped me glue them on to make bows and bow ties. And even some earrings per her request.

We took them out to hop around with them. Thanks to Charlie, a few of them are noseless now.

 Twas fun.

The End 

Happy Friday Everybunny ;)

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