Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break 2010: Homespun Carnival

Day 2 of our fun filled Spring Break 2012!

We had some friends over to our house yesterday to play some carnival type games. Glad we planned this for yesterday and not today, because this rain may have dampened our fun.  
Thankfully, it was the perfect day for an outdoor homespun carnival.

The clothespin drop. They were funny with this one. I modeled how to play. (Three chances to drop the clothespin from your nose into the jar.) They bent lower and lower and lower as they tried. Too cute. A couple of them thought they were supposed to actually pinch their nose with it... ouch.

The Squirt the Ball off the golf tee game was pretty fun. However, some of their little hands weren't quite strong enough to squeeze the squirter hard enough. Most of them figured it out though. The wind helped a few of them earn some tickets ; )

By the end of the turns, they had scooted up way past the marked line.  Rules Shmules.

They earned a ticket for each ball they knocked off the tee. 

The entire roll of tickets cost 1 buck at the dollar tree. 

Toss the ball into the flower pot. Fancy, I know.
The kiddos earned 1 ticket if it landed in the first pot, 2 for the second pot, and so on.
They really liked winning the tickets at each game. Although several of them lost theirs as we rotated around the yard and carport. Next go round, I might give them each a ticket holder pouch/bag or ask everyone to wear something with a pocket.

We were quite the carnival..... or circus, maybe :)

Knocking the cups over with a ball was a fun one. Although Charlie kept running up to them and knocking them over. Oh, two year olds : )

They traded their tickets for prizes at the end of all the games. I bought 4 party favor bags from the dollar store to keep things cheap. 

We also played 'prize walk' where the kids walked around a chalk-drawn circle. Forgot to take a picture of it. When the iphone music stopped, I rolled the dice and called out a number. Whoever was standing on that number got to pick out a prize. Easy Peasy.

I  had a few other games in mind... ring toss, balancing a grape on a spoon, and fishing with a net in our plastic kiddie pool,  but, we had plenty of fun playing the games we did get to.

After the games, we headed inside for corn dogs, popcorn, and nachos. Carnival food for sure! But without the carnival price.

Popsicles and cotton candy on the patio for dessert.

Amy read the kids a book to settle them down. Then, they took home a balloon and we called it a day. Or a morning at least. 

And that's it!

I'll post about today's fun tomorrow. And as of now, both kids have been sleeping for an hour. 
Hope everyone else is enjoying their spring break '12!

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A.H.P. said...

just realized we left the purple flower headband at your house. haha! not a big deal, but whenever it shows up, let me know. ;) we had a BLAST at your house!!! thanks so so so much for doing all that for them!