Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hopping into March

We have had some B*E*A*utiful weather the past couple of weeks. I can hardly say that word without thinking about Bruce Almighty. Anwyays.... It's been talked about a lot lately, but I don't mind the redundancy when it comes to being grateful for the sunny, 60 and 70 degree days we've been given. I know it will be raining or sweltering all too soon. 

Charlie's ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do outside. Seriously. He does this pool pole thing for loooonnnnggg extended periods of time. Maybe he will be a pool guy in his high school years? 

Annette prefers chalk. Drawing, writing, hopscotch, you name it.
A budding elementary teacher perhaps? ; )

Hopscotching... in action.

Hopscotch another day...

Here's to enjoying March!


the smiths


Carol said...

Love the hopscotch pictures!

Michelle said...

Me too! great pictures!