Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012: Day One

Some friends and I, who had no traveling  plans for spring break, and no Bible study or MDO (aka 'breaks':) decided to create our own fun so the week wouldn't seem so long and un-breakish.

Courtney and Mandy took charge of Monday's activities, while I planned carnival type activities for Tuesday, which I'll post about tomorrow.

The first activity was a scavenger hunt in Courtney's backyard. These little peekers could hardly wait for the mommas to hide the treasures.

The kids had a list of things to search for and an egg carton to fill with their loot. 
Very, very fun.

Even Charlie could cross a few things off of his list. 

 Charlie's carrot sucker bit the dust. He couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him finish it. 

 Annette found some glasses, and Charlie found a bucket with rain water. His obsession with water continues.

Brooks finds a frog.

Courtney made these yummy flower snacks. I assumed it was a Pinterest find, but she thought this one up herself! So, I think I'll pin it so others can benefit from her fab idea.

  And Mandy made dirt pudding for dessert! I will admit, I ate a whole one all by myself. I thought about finishing off one of my kiddos like usual, but these were too good to just eat their leftovers.

Later, the kids got crafty and painted wooden hanging things.

Charlie watching the pro. Charlie is actually a pretty good painter himself. I like how he painted the raised parts on the shell first. Great visual discrimination, Charlie ;)


 Such fun! Until I had to carry a fit-throwing child out to the car because they wouldn't obey. Lovely way to finish off a wonderful morning. 

Thank you, Courtney, for housing our mess. And thank you, Mandy, for helping make it such a fun spring break morning, too. Love making memories together!
Wish I could say it translated into long naps, but I'm just not that lucky. Maybe on Wednesday? 'Cause it sure didn't happen today either. I got a whopping 40 minutes out of Charlie. Oh long naps, how I long for you.....

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Looks like such fun!