Thursday, May 9, 2013

Small smatterings: mom beach trip and more

Because I have a wonderful husband and mother, I got to go on a blissful beach trip with some of my gal pals.

It doesn't get much more relaxing than the beach with friends.

The kids managed to have fun here without me.

Coming home was wonderful because I missed my family so much, but also made me realize how much energy it takes to watch 3 little kids/baby full time! I was almost out of mommy-shape when when I returned. I've snapped back though. Of course.

While I was gone they took the roof off our house. I had this big there's-no-going-back feeling. It has been exciting to walk through it on a daily basis. I try to visualize a pretty house... Instead of focusing on the torn apart roofless thing sitting on our lot:))

Positive thinking. Always.

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