Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Charlie's school performance and other recent memories

Charlie's school performance was a couple weeks ago... the day before we moved to the rent house. So pardon my delay in posting these pics :)

Below is Will, who Charlie tells me he plays with every day. Big hugs. 

Charlie sat in his little chair and sang and did motions the whole time. Loved seeing him in his little school environment. 

Here are a few other pics that Were taken around the time of the move that I want to remember. 

Mattie's Birthday

A princess party

A date night benefitting Ballet Arkansas

Lunch at All Aboard. This was the first day in the rent house and I was in a sour/emotional mood. Getting out of the house with 3 (by myself) just for lunch is not that easy, but on this day it was just what I needed. 

Can't even think about how big Set will be when we are back in the completed Grant house. 

Dinner at the Smith's house. 

At my parents house...

Thank goodness for iPhone cameras to help me store these memories. I haven't found my real camera's battery charger yet. It's hopefully in one of the many boxes lining our bedroom and laundry room. 

Gotta get on that. 

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