Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All in a May : Vegas, lake, and ballet

Isaac has an annual work meeting in Vegas each May. I'm thankful I got to tag along again. And that my mom and a sweet sitter tag teamed our kids back at home for the 3 night getaway.

Upon our return, Annette had her second ballet recital. She was darling in her pink cotton candy costume. She and her friends remembered maybe half of their planned routine. Laughs and applause all around. 

After I taught my class on Saturday,we headed up to the lake with kids and Isaac's  parents. 

While all the May fun has been going on, the builders and framers have made lots of pretty progress on Grant street. I drive/walk by every chance I get. And am pinning up a storm as I get to choose windows and sinks and such. It's really a dream come true to get to actually use some of my favorite pinned house ideas. 

Pinch me. Just pinch me. This May has been quite dreamy. I know I've earned none of it. Praising God In these good times for our family. And I'll praise Him still when it's time to blog about the inevitable hard times. But while I'm here. Here in this moment. I will say Thank You, Father. I see your goodness. And I need to not be afraid of it. 

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