Friday, July 1, 2011

Keepsakes: summer loves

my recent keepsakes.....

--Poolside get togethers. And how Isaac gets so excited about them. (Even if he has to spend hours adding chemicals to turn it back to blue:)

Annette calling Isaac 'honey' lately. and calling me 'Morgan'. we seriously have to watch what we say.

Charlie has learned to say 'mess' when he drops his entire bowl of chreeeios on the floor, or spills water, pulls all the books off the shelves, or splashes his hands in the toilet. And he has learned to say yes by nodding his entire body. So cute. I posted a video of him doing it below, but it only shows up on my laptop. Hmmmm. Need to learn a better method to post videos.

I got a coupon off the back of some magazine for 50% off one item at the knowledge tree, Which is one of my favorite stores because it has teaching stuff, craft stuff, and a train table and other toys my kids can play with while I look around. But it can be pricey, so I was super excited to get the coupon. I already knew what I wanted too. An easel. I've said it a ton, but I'll say it again, my daughter Looooves to paint. So I was excited to go get her a nice new wooden easel with a paint tray and white board and chalk board for $35. She hasn't stopped playing with it YET!! And...
Annette can draw a person now. Head, face, arms and legs and feet. Can't wait til we reach the neck stage! I'm such a nerd.

Charlie has slept through the night for 4 nights in a row. I want to remember how much I appreciate sleep at this exact point in time. Because I know I'll start to take it for granted one far away day.

Family outing to Savers on Saturday. New (to us): boots for Charlie, umbrella for Annette, and several classic/had to have books for our over sized book collection. Still no perfectly sized coffee table for me to distress.

Going on play dates with fun friends. Like going to The Wonder Place with the Osborne family....

Or to the pool with the Vincents.

while Annette was painting on one side of the easel, i asked charlie....want to do the chalk? he ran over to the fridge where we keep our Reese's cups. ??? ooooh.  he was thinking i meant..... want chocolate? its on his brain. had it one time and it was over. on Monday i Caught Charlie unwrapping a Reese's cup as fast as he could behind a chair. And then popped it in his mouth with half of the second black layer still attached. He inherited his mother and Granny's LoVe for chocolate.

--Teaching this year's group of sweet third graders at church. It's amazingly fun mentoring these energetic kiddos. Last Sunday Isaac and I got to tell stories about going on mission trips back in the day. Reminded me of how much I love going on trips to share God's love with others. Getting to share God with the 3rd graders is definitely a love of mine too... A keepsake for sure.

above was on an eighth grade trip to Jamaica. Ill never forget the orphanage we visited . how some kids took naps on the hard floors, how Grateful they were for our help. I remember feeling so guilty for leaving them, I cried and cried and cried on the road home. A keepsake from the past.... one that i hope to duplicate one day. 

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