Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Fourth. And Third, Second, and First

The First of July:

To start the weekend off right, Isaac and I squeezed in a date night. Love him.
We went to Terry's and it was DEEElicious. Maybe even more so because of the cute dishes.

The Second of July:

We had some major pool time. At my mom's house in her big pool and baby pool, and in our backyard. Charlie seems to prefer the baby pools. Annette, the big ones.

Below is my best attempt at taking a picture with Annette. She is in this phase where she has boycotted looking at the camera. Ready for this silly phase to pass. Makes ME want to pout. Remind me not to pay a photographer to take our pictures anytime soon.

Annette said she was making a rainbow.

Have I mentioned yet that Annette can swim?!?! I'm just a weee bit proud. I posted a video on Facebook, too:)

The Third of July:

We went to church on Sunday...which was a hilarious kind of fun, because it was a 'family' Sunday. As in no child care. Which was a nice break for us Nursery/Sunday School Workers. But made for an interesting attempt at real worship or hearing the message. Charlie twirled in the aisles, flipped and flopped on the carpet, and left a trail of goldfish along his way. We left for the playground about 15 minutes in. Made us very grateful for our usual Sunday routine... complete with childcare and teaching third graders on Sunday.

Charlie's 'let me down so I can run around' face.

The Fourth of July!!!

Our little foursome went to PV for some family fun. Swimming, bouncy things, balloon tosses, cheeseburgers, Cheetos, suckers-- my kids were in heaven! We got to play with the Osborne's too, which made it even more fun.

emma, (noah's cousin), noah, and my silly annette

thanks, mandy, for this cute picture!

noah is such a gentleman. always letting the ladies go first;)

he even encouraged her to go down, with just a teeny weeny nudge.

BIG slide. She is beyond brave.

Charlie played in some of the smaller bouncy houses, which he loved. Cute Sam in the background.

notice the grill applique in red, white, and blue.... not sure if it was worth cutting out those thin little legs. think i'll go with a simpler design next time!

it's cool to drool, right???

my little gymnast

playing water balloon games

We went home and took naps, which weren't quite long enough.... And then we went for a ride.
Wagon rides are one of our go-to ways to get out of the house.

Notice my bare foot children. I think my kids may be the reason AR maintains its shoeless reputation.

I eagerly waited all day looooong for the Fireworks. Seriously. Fireworks are one of my top favorite holiday traditions, so I was excited, probably too excited. Charlie crashed at home around 8:30, so Isaac stayed with him, while Annette and I hopped in the car and drove over to the golf course.

Annette doesn't like loud sounds, ever since an untimely trip to Baker Park on a Wednesday at noon, so I wondered how she would do with the constant booming.
She covered her ears for the first few, but then decided she liked the noise. And the colors. And I loved sitting with her on a not-too-hot-night, listening to her sweet chitter-chatter about the display. Worth the late bedtime for sure! And I'm hoping that next year the whole family can make it to the fireworks:)

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