Thursday, July 10, 2014

And baby makes 6

We the smiths are growing again! Soon to be a family of 6.  Most people already know, but thought it was time to post on the ole blog. As Dr. Wendel said to me, he won't consider it official until I post it on here. Love that he keeps up with our family via smith smattering.  

With each pregnancy, I've grown more and more anxious about sharing the big news. This time I still don't feel in the safe zone. Not sure I ever will. I've had very dear friends and family members have to say goodbye to babies in second and third trimesters. Coupled with my previous miscarriage experiences, I just don't have that care free feeling anymore that I took for granted my first pregnancy. Of course, I worried with Annette, but not near as much. 

Now that I can feel this baby moving, I'm feeling more sure of things. And the fact that it's a SHE!! I cried years of joy when we peeked last month!! So surprised.  A healthy heartbeat AND Annette will have a sister!! It was a wonderful day. When I went to doc today for big ultrasound at 20 weeks there was part of me expecting them to tell me that, actually, it's a boy:) ha! I would still be in major love with this baby. But, we confirmed again that baby smith number four will in fact even things out. I feel like God gave me a present. Wrapped in the most exciting package.

Annette was ecstatic when she saw the pink balloons. Charkie cried, Saying he wanted four little brothers. Bless his heart. Set had/has NO clue. 

 So that's our big news for the summer!
Due date is dec. 3rd. Still can't believe we will have three kid birthdays in December. Well, this lil bundle could arrive in November. It will still make for extra crazy holidays. X 3. 

So grateful for this new life. 
As we head for beach in two days, I'll already be imagining next year... Taking 4 kids to the beach... I couldn't be more excited:))

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