Sunday, September 21, 2014

Indian Adventure Princess

Several of the girls at Annette's school joined an Adventure/Indian Princess 'tribe' this year. Thanks to a kind and very fun dad, Mr. P, for organizing this group of fathers and daughters. 

Their first outing was a camp out near hot springs. I so wanted to go, but alas! The brothers and I were not invited. 

I did get to help assemble the vests. 

"Nettie Moonbeam"

The Hogs were a must. 

Tents were packed, but the girls/dads ended up taking advantage of the cabins/bunks that were available. 

PK grills, another must. 

This Yorktown Bay place looks like it was the perfect setting. 
Thankful Isaac took these pics for me (which I pleaded for in advance:)

"Isaac Fuzzy Fingers"

Isaac says she was in awe the whole time. Loved every minute.

Meanwhile, the boys and I got lots of quality time in too. 

I'm so grateful Annette got to have such a fun weekend with her Daddy. And super glad to have them back home.  I don't do as well without my two biggest helpers around the house. 

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