Monday, October 6, 2014

Razorback block party and other Fall Smatterings

I'm a week or so late. Still want to document these recent smatterings.

With the help of neighbors, we 'blocked off the block' so we (dads mostly) could watch the game outside and let the kids run around in the streets and yards.  
It was the perfect weather... Cloudy and warm. 

I can't help but take pictures when I look out my front door and see all these people gathered,... Doing life together... Connecting,,, raising kids together.... Making sweet memories,... I know these moments are a gift. 

Confetti in that pretty blonde hair. Makes me smile. 

Babies everywhere... On hips, on quilts, in go-pods. 

Lots of cheerleaders too

We even had a piƱata. We were in shock at how long this kept the kids interested and occupied. After about 45 mins of turn taking, we finally had a dad break it open for us. 

Already looking forward to the next time we do this.

In other very noteworthy news, this guy has been loving Saturday soccer games, AND his Monday evening tball games. 

While adding organized kid activities to our schedules makes things a bit more hectic, I know we will look back and cherish these laid-back, no-score kind of games. I have such fond memories of softball tournaments and cheer camps and all things 'team'. My sister's teams (the Rankin Rebels for example) always won, while mine (the Polaris Players for example :) always lost. Ha! 

Set is starting to act like a big boy in lots of ways. This is one of the last pics of him with a paci. (Pink is cool for boys, too, now, right?!) He gave it up last week without a fight at all. My baby is growing up. 

Matchy matchy makes me happy :))

My mom watched Annette and Set the other night, so Isaac and I got to spend one evening with just Charlie. We went to big orange, target, and played his favorite Bird Bingo game. The quality time was a treat for all 3 of us.

Annette got her turn a few days later. I took her to the painted pig (we have a mutual affection for all things crafty) and then went to Zaza for dinner. 

One on one time is not that easy to find, which makes is all the more special. 

Ole Settie boy. He's into rocks, and balls, and jumping lately.  Saying lots more words, but not really stringing two together yet. He's close though. 

I love looking down at his perfect baby legs and toes. So so squeezable. He barely fits on my lap right now, which frustrates him :)  I just have a few inches on free leg left! My belly is out-of- control big....

...Full of this precious girl. I'm 32 weeks Now, So, it won't be too long before we meet her. Praying she makes a healthy arrival when the time is right. 

I've had this verse on my mind lately. 

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