Monday, December 26, 2016

annette turns 8

we had 4 little friends over for annette's 8th birthday

party prep, fill the balloons with surprise activities... graham cracker candy houses, baking cakes, act out a play, watch a movie...  these balloons were a hit

my lovely mother watched the boys, but jl got to hang with the girls

we split up into threes, i was the third on the GAM squad, to bake some cakes. this is Annette's most favorite recent thing to do,,, bake.

                                               using her new camera for her bday

annette wrote a play for the girls to perform 

two of the gals spent the night with us, the other two headed home after watching a movie

ike made his kid-favorite waffles in the morning before we left for church 

one of our best birthdays yet.  annette is growing in so many ways and we are crazy in love with her! 

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