Monday, December 26, 2016

set's birthday- 4 yearls old

he requested a chuck e cheese birthday, and eventually i decided we could survive it. it helped that our friend john-john shares the same exact bday with set, so we had a joint party for their school classmates.

set was surprisingly good at ski ball. he beat my own record.

set can sometimes run wild in crowd situations, but he played so well and we all enjoyed every second... he was so kind to his friends and was very grateful for it all. so thankful for him and nights like this where we can celebrate him with friends.

isaac holding his mouth while we were singing. he has been known to blow out candles prematurely, or candles that don't belong to him. ha!

ticket booth was a highlight for sure

loved seeing set feel so special on his 4th bday.  4 seems to be treating us quite nicely. less messes and melt downs so far..... the only down side is the thought of 4 year old shots next month 

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