Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gingerbread Party for Annette

Annette will be 4 tomorrow. FOUR!

She said she wanted to decorate gingerbread houses for her birthday, so we went with that theme. Perfect activity for a December birthday. Speaking of-- what am I going to to do when I have two kids with December birthdays?!?  I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Isaac's company, the great Colliers International, recently moved their offices from downtown to Riverfront Plaza in the Riverdale area. It's a great property... gorgeous river views, excellent location, even closer to our home than downtown.... I'd be a great sales lady ;)

I knew having a party at our house this close to D-day would be a stretch. I get a wee bit over ambitious with house projects when we host a party, so I figured doing the party off-house would be best. There aren't that many indoor options in December... places book up fast around the holidays. Thankfully, Isaac had the perfect spot for a kid gingerbread party--- his new building's empty food court.

I'd like to say I could make cookies like this, but I can't. Isaac's mother is the cookie and dessert queen. So glad she lends me her talents for birthdays :))

I used to do a version of these gingerbread houses when I taught first grade. Technically they are graham cracker houses, but they work just the same. My dad tracked down the mcdonald's happy meal boxes. Shout out to Bandad (Grandad's name has taken on a different beginning sound when Charlie started saying his name:) for finding them for me! And to the nice McDonald's in the Supercenter Walmart in Sherwood for donating them. 

Lauren came over a couple of nights ago and we hot glued the crackers to the boxes. It doesn't take too long, actually.... and thankfully.

Decorating fun. Lots of icing everywhere. Mostly in mouths though.

Annette really, REALLY had a great time. Glad she enjoys throwing a party as much as I do.

Love that the guys, including Doc, got into the action as well. Even wore the gingerbread man aprons!

Doc's lovely creation...

The kids could jump in the jumpy house or glue foam stickers to our almost-life-size gingerbread house. The glue was a big messy hit.

After we finally tracked down a lighter (you think i'd remember to bring a box of matches!!!), we sang to the birthday girl.

Probably should have done a cake, but cupcakes were easier. 

I know her eyes are closed in this next one, but I LOVE Charlie's sweet face looking at Annette.

Thanks, Carol, for taking several of these really really great pictures! You are skilled!

Taking home the masterpieces

Annette, you are VERY very VERY loved.

I somehow always forget to get a family picture until the minute we are about to get in the car to leave. Isaac had probably packed three trunk fulls of party junk into cars by this point. SUCH a trooper :)

And here is my little three year old for one more day. 

Going from 3 to 4 seems like a big jump. Four just sounds so much older. Not that she hasn't already been looking and acting like a four year old for months and months now. Sometimes you act twice your age!

You are constant, Constance Annette... Constantly such a smartie and such a spirited, passionate little girl. You keep me challenged.
You're reading lots of words, love to write, you're as curious as can be, full of energy, eager and joyful. 
One of your gifts is your drive... your drive to be a helper, to find the truth, to learn a skill, to problem solve. Proud of you and that passion, missy.

And you're going to be a great big sister all over again. Hopefully sometime soon :)

Loved loved loved.

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Kendall Jones said...

Such a cute party!! Love it!