Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Babymoon and Other Nesting Symptoms

The nesting bug has arrived. Been here for a while actually. 
Most  Lots of things are allllll ready for Baby Smith's arrival. 

A potty-training-Charlie helped me put our new cover on our trusty ole Chicco infant carrier. 
Charlie still remembers sitting in this seat, as it was in Isaac's car until just about 3 months ago when Charlie officially turned 30 lbs and outgrew it. Yes, ever so often we would squeeze 2 year old Charlie into that rear facing contraption. He actually didn't mind it,
With some baby wipe action, and a few updates, it looks almost like new. I ordered new shoulder straps as our original ones were stained with mildew from my frequent spit uppers. I called up the Chicco company to make sure it hadn't been recalled and asked if they could send me replacement straps, and for 30 bucks, they did. 

To me, three babies coming home in the same carrier will be quite impressive and sentimental.

Random fun moments from the week...

We played this gingerbread dice game the other day. 
A perfect Pinterest-found activity for Annette, and with help Charlie could play too.

Especially thankful for some organized physical activities in our schedule.
It's nice having someone else play a role in wearing out my active children. 

As for baby planning, here is the latest...

The other night, I woke up nauseated and with lots of strong contractions. They went on for about an hour and a half before I called my mom to come over and watch the kids while Isaac took me in to make sure I wasn't about to have this baby early at 35.5 weeks. I hate to be that needy over reactive mom that comes in while in false labor, but I've heard so many stories of third pregnancy labors happening very quickly. And I certainly didn't want to have this baby in the elevator or anything :)
Well, they hooked me up and I was right about lots of contractions. Lots of painful and consistent ones. 
BUT,  after an hour on monitors I was only at 2 cm dilated and those contractions started to become less frequent and strong instead of increasing. 
Of course this was a good thing. A baby coming 5 weeks early could very well have had trouble eating, breathing, and just plain not ready for life outside my womb. It's a blessing he is still 'cooking' in my oven.

Before we left for hospital, I caught myself rushing around grabbing things that I hadn't got together yet. Camera charger, big brother/sister shirts for the big kids to wear, receiving blankets, and all those other things that I was either glad I had at the hospital with our first two births or things I wish I'd had. 
 Made me realize I needed to be a bit more prepared for the REAL moment when our third makes his arrival. 

First things first. Heehee. I had to get Charles' scrapbook finished. I'd done one for Annette's first year. Thanks to the help of a fun baby shower hosted by my aunt, Annette's was pretty simple for me to complete in a timely manner. Yet, with Charles, I had only done two pages of his book before the other night. I am/was weirdly determined to not let my middle child fall into the 'baby bookless' category. Not that it's a bad thing. I just love doing this type thing-- memory book/blog type thing. And had promised myself I'd get it done before baby 3 came along. 

Finally completed it last week. Yep. Yep.
Nothing like a little fire under my rear to help me get something done. 

I also ordered most of the rest of our Christmas gifts, some last minute baby items, nursery items and such. 
Thank you, Amazon, for your quick and free shipping Prime account. 
Helps me get things done quite quickly. 
ANDDD, our community group got us a BUNCH of goodies for our new baby. Super kind. 
They got us diapers and lots of fun things that have become popular since we had Charlie. You know-- chew beads, Sophie the griaffe, and other serious necessities ;)  Made me feel very very loved.

Like how professional my photo editing skills are ?? HA! Amy and Ray, we miss you guys!!

And now for my favorite nesting activity. The Babymoon.
Isaac took me to stay downtown just before Annette's arrival. We still talk about the fun we had that weekend. We went to Mt. Magazine just before Charlie was born. This time, Isaac took me to Hot Springs to stay at the Arlington. Such fun, such fun. Thank you, Deb, LB, and Rah-Rah for taking care of our wild ones back in Little Rock. Love y'all.

We ate at Rolando's and Central Park Fusion for dinners, enjoyed breakfast at the Pancake Shop, had spa treatments, slept in, and were just wonderfully relaxed for the weekend. 

Here we are at 36 weeks and very excited to meet Annette and Charles' little brother. 

~ morgan

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Carol said...

Looks like a great weekend! Can't wait to meet your new little man!