Sunday, December 16, 2012

Small Smatterings

This past week, we enjoyed some laid back days and nights. 
Here are the 'small' smatterings...

Isaac and I went to Local Lime and loved it. Ready to go back. Thanks to my mom for watching kids while we enjoyed the yumminess.

Isaac makes pancakes with the kids almost every Saturday morning. It warms my heart.

The kids have enjoyed looking for Little Bean. They get the biggest kick out of finding him. Aren't toggle button coats adorable?!!? Love em.
I've taken my kids to the mall TWICE to get them to take pics with Santa. Yes, I even tried to bribe them. They would not do it. They wouldn't even get close. I think Annette would have done it if Charlie hadn't been so against it. Maybe next year.

Annette is really into asking where we are lately. Like, "What's this street, mom?" and things like that. The other day I told her we were in Pleasant Valley. She asked if that was where the dinosaurs lived. Ha! I guess she was thinking of the Land Before Time and the Great Valley? I think she watched that movie at my mom's house... at least that's the only reason I can figure that she came up with that connection. Love her brain.

Charlie still really loves animals. Fish, dogs, cats, squirrels, and anything he can find to watch and talk about. 

Today after church I snapped this picture of the two of them almost looking at the camera at the same time. As y'all know, that never happens.

Fun, uneventful week.

The kids seem to be excited about baby brother coming very soon. Hope they keep up the positive attitudes.


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