Tuesday, May 31, 2016

block party 2016 and Set's singing performance

the annual block party was as fun as ever

even had an egg toss this year!

Love our little community.

St. Marks Singing Program was a couple of weeks ago too. 

Set looked at me and smiled most of the morning and I loved it. 

I brought my real camera, took lots of great pics, and then realized I had no storage card in my camera! Ugh. Glad I got a couple iPhone pics and a pretty cute video (posted on my Instagram) 

He has grown so much this year. He looks less like a toddler and more like a boy who is almost ready for real school. He has learned to not bite <whew>... not potty on the playground <cringe face>... and knows about 8 letters this year ; ) The St. Marks teachers have been most helpful and a huge blessing.

I'm amazed at how each of my kids teaches me such different lessons on parenting and patience! More proof to me that we have a God that creates each of our hearts so very specifically. 

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