Friday, May 27, 2016

Field Day

Field day was a success! Somehow, a 90% chance of rain turned into a cloudy day with a few sprinkles. We were able to stick with Plan A, although rainy day Plan B was ready just in case. 

DJ, tattoo and bandana necklace station, and ice cream were in the pavilion. 

Water balloons and lots of other water themed relays. 

Thankful for a group of girls who helped pull it off! Wish I'd taken a picture of all of us. 

Relyance Bank so generously donated lunch and ice cream... and served the kids and school staff!

Several dads took the day 'off'  to set up, cook, serve, get dunked, and clean up. 

SO grateful for our Forest Park village! 

This village has also created an amazing garden center and outdoor classroom, complete with a green house and chickens. It's pretty amazing. 

Kids had a garden tour and tasting. So fun. 

Forest Park was ranked the #1 elementary school in all of Arkansas for our performance on standardized testing. Link to article  in case anyone is as interested in these things as I am:)

Thankful for this special school!!

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