Saturday, March 12, 2016

a pizza party for charlie

we had some of charlie's little friends come meet us at larry's pizza for an easy birthday party after school, which was charlie's request

annette and i made his humble and homemade invitations for his classmates

nonnie made her amazing sugar cookies again! they taste even better than they look if you can believe it

charlie said his favorite thing was getting the extra 500 tix from the larry's people for being the bday boy

we found a new way to get set to smile for pictures....bribe him with tokens

a few nights ago, we also went to our neighborhood hibachi place to celebrate with my parents and siblings. we all loved it, but set seemed the most in awe. 

hard to believe my charlie is six. he is starting to read up a storm. taking AR tests now and a whiz at math. he gets along with anyone and can make your day better just by being around him. he loves to rough house, wrestle, play with any type of ball or power ranger dino charge toys. his siblings all want to play with him. he is mr. fun.

oh, so thankful God lent us charlie. 

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