Friday, January 22, 2016

first snow day 2016

the snow is already melting this afternoon, but we woke up to beautiful inches of white snow

i was telling the kids how much i loved looking our the window at all the snow around our house, and charlie says 'i know why you like it so much'. i asked why. he said 'because white is your favorite color!'
he is probably right. 
another funny from charlie....
after tasting the snow today, he told isaac 'doesn't taste as good as last year' 
we laughed and laughed 

set lasted ab 15 mins. didn't even get a pic of him in the snow

spent most of my time inside with the toddlers, but got out to watch a bit of the fun

perfect snowballs  

so thankful for our fun neighbors. for electricity. snow. and God who shows Himself to me in nature and friendships.

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