Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There is a LOCK on that bathroom door???

Charlie did a doozy on me today. I was putting some laundry in the dryer and hear Charlie knocking on the door from inside the hall bathroom. This happens pretty often, so I just walked down the hall to turn the knob and release my little stinker. But, I turn the knob and it won't open! This has never happened. Isaac and I don't even lock the door! I had to think for a few minutes to even think what kind of lock the door had on the inside. It's one of those with the little bitty pin type things you just push in. I started to frantically try to open the door. Pulling and pushing it hard... like that was going to help. I started worrying he was going to suffucate or turn the tub water on and get inside without my supervision. Why did I think of the worst, just like that, that fast??? 

Thankfully, my mom and Lauren had stopped by for lunch on their way to the airport (headed to Houston for a check up). At first, that silly boy just alternated crying at the door and flushing the toilet. But as my mom and Lauren and I were trying to pick the unpickable lock, Charlie was growing impatient with our break in. Which made his momma start to get more frantic. Do I call the fire department, Isaac, a locksmith? I decided to try the window from outside the house. It was surprisingly high, so I had to go get our huge ladder under the window, and then even then had to climb to the last rung. I was so happy to finally see his little face through the glass, all red from crying : ( His little face looked at me like he could not understand why I was not picking him up. Broke my heart.

My mom was still at the door trying to pick it, and Lauren got me a screwdriver to try to remove the screen part. There were like a hundred screws to unscrew and at the rate it was taking me, we would be there another 30 minutes. Yes, he probably would have been fine, but that cry. And hearing his sweet little newly learned words, "out" and "momma"... I just couldn't take it. So what did I do? I used a hammer to slash through the screen. Waited for Charlie to get as far from the window as possible, and broke the glass. Prayed Charlie wouldn't go walking barefoot over to the sharp stuff. And  then hurled myself up and over and squeezed through the window. Which I am betting was a pretty hilarious sight. Glad the construction workers next door weren't there to judge me. I picked him up and held him so close. Like I had just saved his life or something equally as dramatic.

Then, he wanted to get down and go play with his sister, Granny, and Aunt Rah Rah. Like nothing had ever happened.

Love you, Mom and Lauren! Thinking of you both as you visit MD Anderson for the check up.

My barely 17 month old, wonderful, little stinker. Who I'm afraid---will set my heart to racing many more times in the future.

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Carol said...

Oh, man. That sounds awful. And a little funny. Glad everything is okay!