Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Of A Finds

I love a good one-of-a-kind-find at a 'dig' store.

That's what my lovely friend and college roommate, Lauren, called them.

Savers, Goodwill, flea markets, consignment sales, garage sales, antique stores, Forever 21, etc.

I added that last one, because F21 truly is a dig store by my definition....

A place where:

1.You must spend a large amount of time looking through some 'less valuable' stuff to find some stuff worth taking home.

2. It's hard to take your kids with you. Although I've been known to push a double stroller through there when I find myself in need of some cheap earrings.

3. You would have a hard time ever finding the same thing in the same place twice.

4. And there are a group of people that would never go in. Seperating the diggers from the non-diggers.

A good Savers find from last week. Vietri canisters. 7 bucks for the set.

Normally around $70.

I was excited to find these canisters, because I've been wanting to rework our built-in shelves for a while now. The shelves are in our dining room area and currently hold a hodge podge of randomness. Picture frames and cake stands, vases, and stuff. I want to turn them into something functional and pretty and more cohesive. Without spending much money. $40 tops.

And thanks to inspiration from Pinterest, I now know what I want to do.

Obviously, this Pinterest thing/webiste/app can make you want to buy more things, but I have found that Pinterest can be just as helpful in trying to turn another's mans junk into my very own treasure. Or my own junk into treasures. I keep getting ideas for reorganizing things, and displaying things, and reusing things. It's been much needed motivation for me to clean out, de-clutter, and organize. I've even started selling things not just at consignment sales, but on eBay, too. Thanks to my friend Mandy's encouragement, I've made a couple hundred dollars already! And ridded the kids' and my closets of stuff we no longer need or use. It's a win-win.

Piles of unneeded stuff from closets...

Sold to eBay buyers....

Or consigned...

But back to the shelves. Hopefully I'll have a Before and After post coming soon to show the small transformation. I'll need to get my hands on a few more 'One Of A Finds', which is a task I am happy to be working on : )


thadks said...

Mmmmm looks like Morgan's resourcefulness deserves a new iphone. What do ya say i-man??? Although I do not have pictures, we went to the Habitat for humanity Restore and bought 3 furniture items for a total of $120. One is a great oak coffee table that I am sanding down, staining and putting polyurethane on. The other is a breakfast cabinet with a hutch that we primed and painted a light great with a distressed look. Last is a front room cabinet that is still in process.
Makes you fee great!!! These 3 items would have been at least $1500...new..but I like the challenge of personalizing and restoring that comes with these purchases...

thadks said...

*green and feel

thadks said...

We have also made at least $500 selling old books and textbooks on Amazon