Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A peek in our week end: QFT


I'm starting my own lingo for Quality Family Time. We got a good dose of the stuff this weekend.

We went to Tazikis on Friday night. It's about the only place that we can pretty easily take the kids, eat quickly and healthy, and it's close to home. We went to Orange Leaf for a treat afterwards.

Aren't I blessed?!?!? : )

My little stinker.

Pretty sure there is a sign somewhere that says these chairs should not be played on because they can cause serious injury. You might be rule-breaker, or a tired-of-saying-no-momma,  if......

On Saturday, we went to Jump Zone.

This is Annette telling me she wants to slide down 3 more times. She loves, loves that place.

Charlie moves like a little ant through the maze of inflatables. He can almost keep up with Annette. Almost:)


"Up. Up. Up!"

My quarters don't stand a chance there.

My little firecracker back at home. Quarterless and toyless. Yet, very happy.

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