Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four night Absence

We got back earlier this week, from a four night trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. Absent to parenting, obligations, and any kind of work.

My ever-giving mother watched the kids three nights, and Isaac's kind momma helped the last couple of days while we were gone. Having family in town, willing and available to help, is one of my hugest blesssings. Thank you, Granny and Nonnie, for allowing us this chance to truly relax.

It was amazing. No surprise there. I mean, how could shopping, sleeping in, and laying out by the pool not be a great thing? Especially with two other fun couples.

Even the way out there was a treat. We had a direct 3 hour flight. So, that's where my vacation started. Truly. As soon as we boarded the plane, I felt free in a way. Trapped on an airplane, but in a good way. I got to SIT for three hours. Can't remember the last time I did that. It was pretty much quiet for 3 hours. I didn't have to take care of anyone for 3 hours. Sounds selfish, but it was a really, really nice break. One that I want to appreciate down to the littlest and last detail.
I got to read the first half of The Soldier's Wife, magazines, and just SIT. Much cherished down time.

Once there, the boys played golf at least 4 times, while we gals shopped or were poolside. Isaac and I spent some QT together each afternoon, which was invaluable. And ended each evening with a nice meal all together.

Another moment I want to hold on to-- when we stayed up late playing charades (my fave) and catch phrase. Y'all know how much I love games. I'm a kid at heart.

The three hubbies graduated high school together and obviously enjoy doing lots of the same things. We wives get along fabulously, as well. In many ways. Including the fact that we can all shop over six straight hours in one enormous mall. I was in heaven. And so was my other half.

We're so fortunate to have couple friends. Several that we have gone on other trips with too, that we would be lost without. It really strengthens our marriage to have such a strong community of couples to share life with. A consistent blessing.

The three of us couples went on a trip to Colorado three years ago. It was such a good time, we had planned to keep it a tradition... As in, going on more trips together. It may have taken a couple years to pick a date, book flights, and get out of town together, but I'm so thankful we were able to make it happen.

It was super hot, as you can imagine, being in the desert in August. So we spent a lot of time in the pool. There was even a water slide that we all went down. We really were pretty kiddish on this trip. Which was a nice role reversal.

Here we are riding four deep in the back of a rental car. How is it that squeezing in a car just adds to the fun to me?

Thanks to the P's, we went to a nice dinner to celebrate Isaac's 30th one evening. Yummy food and a birthday dessert with chocolate drizzled words.

Can't remember what was so funny here. Maybe just the giddy happy feeling I had the whole time.

Now, we are back home with our precious children. It's nice to miss them for a few days, though that may sound weird. I know it's good for us and for them for their momma and daddy to get a break. And it makes me appreciate them even more in a refreshed sort of way.

Typing this as they play at McDonald's playground.

Absence does this they say, but I'm pretty sure my heart is always growing fonder.


Sugar Savvy said...

love love love it!!

the osbornes said...

LOVE! Looks like a great time. And I am SO happy to see that you got to wear that gorgeous green dress again :)