Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reasonsssss to Celebrate

All of my mom's family, except our four well-missed South Carolinians, were able to come over to my mom's house today because we had some special happies to celebrate. **If you see these pictures and wonder how our family is so large and easily gathered, read the end of this post : )

First off, Mattie graduated from UCA on Friday. SO so SO proud of my littlest sister!

Another happy, my grandmother, 'Memaw', turned 87 this month. She was sick and in the hospital at the beginning of the summer, so it was extra special to have her with us and doing so well. We had some other August birthdays too-- Isaac will be 30 on the 20th (watch out!) and so will my cousin, Adam.

Annette placed the candles on the cakes. Always wanting to be helpful when it comes to sweet treats.

AND, my cousin, Adam and his wife Katie, welcomed their second baby, Nathan Cole, into the family. I got to hold all of his sweet little 7 pounds. He was so cute and easy it gave me a hint of that 'baby itch' again;)

To top it all off, a HUGE reason to celebrate.... my sister, Lauren, received more good news from her doctors at MD Anderson! No cancer cells from the preliminary bone marrow tests:))) Here is her story if you want to read more about my amazing sister.

Best Buds. For real.

And here are some pictures of us eating up and catching up.

My cousins, Maggie, Jack, and Carter.

A couple of my uncles eating up.

my kids love the pool

 Cught this funny picture of my Dad. You can see where I get my facial expressions.

Bubbles with cousin Landon.

fun times

**It's so nice that most of my extended family lives in central Arkansas. We get to see each other pretty often, but still not often enough.

Most of my Dad's family (three of four siblings) live in central Arkansas. His younger sis, my Aunt Mary, lives in Memphis. Not too far at all.

My mom has three sisters and one brother, and all but her youngest sister (my wonderful Aunt Carol who lives in South Carolina with her amazing chef of a husband and two college aged sons)  live in central Arkansas too. So we are doubly lucky. 

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The Vincents said...

I mean, Lauren looks the best I've ever seen her! Amazing. God. is. GOOD.