Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Smidgen of Snow

 We woke up to snow flurries. By 10 am, there was just a tiny layer of snow here and there, but the kids were still very excited to go play in it.

We don't have snowsuits, which I thought might be a problem last night when they were forecasting snow. Thankfully, with this little amount of snow, we didn't even need them.
Yet, getting dressed was an issue, as usual.
My strong willed Annette cried and threw a fit for a solid 30 minutes because she did not want to wear pants. She was sure she could wear a dress and be fine. She pushed the issue hard. I took Charlie out and played with him first, while she kicked and screamed about not wanting to wear pants. A half hour later she finally decided to put her pants on and come outside. That girl. That strong will. Whew.

Here she is... being sweet and fun : )

 I spent the majority of our snow time re-putting on Charlie's gloves over and over again. He wanted them off, but then his hands would get wet and cold and he would want them back on. Stinker!

We made the most of our smidges of snow! 

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