Monday, February 20, 2012

Egg Muffins

I love Kalyn's Kitchen. It's my favorite cooking blog. My friend Mandy introduced me to it a while back.

This morning I decided to finally try some of her breakfast egg muffins. I've had them pinned for months, and was grateful for a slow morning which allowed us the time to make them together.  They were the best thing I've made in a long time. Probably since I discovered how to make Bok Choy Shrimp.

I followed Kalyn's recipe almost exaclty, using spinach as our veggie and sliced turkey as our meat. Both of which we had on hand and usually put in our omelettes. She strongly suggested using green onions, and I'm so glad we had some in the fridge. Delish!!!!
I don't have Spike seasoning like she suggested, so I just used Lawry's seasoned salt, and it worked really well. 

The kids helped me fill up the muffin liners by tearing up pieces of spinach and turkey. (Recipe says to spray the liners first, which I found was a helpful step.) I left a few of the muffins without onions and with just a few hidden leaves of spinach in case the kids got picky about the green stuff. To my happy surprise, they ate all of them, regardless of green. We sprinkled some reduced fat cheese on top, too.

Then, I poured in the egg and baked for 25 mins. 

They were super-duper good. We only had 4 left. Next time I'll make a double batch. Or maybe a triple, so we can eat these on busy mornings, too.

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