Monday, June 4, 2012

Going bananas

Last week, we barely got to leave the house. Annette had fever on and off for several days, so we spent lots of time playing board games and swinging in the backyard. All the while, I spent even more time trying to clean up after our every mess and was constantly putting loads in and out of the washer.

I almost went bananas at certain points. No breaks or outings can make for a long week. Yet, with the extra home time and because I am queen of mess making, I decided to bake. Me. Baking. I'm not a baker. I like to break too many rules and do my own thing. But since I had several ripe bananas ready to be used, I decided to try out some new recipes from Pinterest.

First, I tried these peanut butter banana oatmeal squares.

I loved them, and ate 2 or 3 squares each morning for breakfast. However, my kids did not like them. I was surprised because they aren't that picky, really. I think it must have been the texture. My kids aren't used to the oatmeal texture.

While I baked, they pretended to cook with playdough.

Another day, we tried a banana bread recipe and I'm SO glad we did.

I did change up a couple of things. I couln't bring myself to use an entire stick of butter, so I used about half a stick. And I didn't want to put an entire cup of sugar in there either, so I just put in half a cup. I know, I know. Such a rule breaker. I was cruisin' for a bruisin' as my childhood neigbhor used to say. Now you can see why I don't bake that often. Most recipes aren't forgiving enough to account for my rule bending.

Guess what though. It turned out AMAZING!!!! Even with me halving the butter and sugar. 

Annette is my mixer helper. Can't wait til she can be my mixer cleaner helper :)

Oh. My. Goodness.
This was so good I couldn't stop eating it. 

My kids liked it, of course. Warm bread out of the oven.... yummmm.

Bananas + Chocolate+ Carbs galore = Deliciousness.

Doesn't chocolate make everything better though?

Annette is finally feeling better. Thankfully.

 How I thank you, Lord, for healthy children.

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