Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Annette and Charlie went to Vacation Bible School for the first half of this week.

They both loved the singing and stories, and the puppets and crafts. Watching them sing and seeing their excitement reminded me of my own VBS days. Each morning I woke them up singing Booster Booster be a Booster, Don't be Lazy Like a Rooster.....  anybody got that song stuck in their head now?!?! I tried to Google that song to make sure I was spelling those lyrics correctly and guess what. I couldn't find even one related search. Hmph. Maybe my church was the only one singing that VBS song??

Thank you, Sylvan Hills C of C for hosting!! My kiddos loved it.

Annette picked these pink cowboy boots out at Caroline's Consignment the other day. I couldn't resist :)))

Here is a tiny short video of Annette on stage holding a prop for the Crayon song. 
You know the one. "Red is the color of the blood that he shed........"

It was a fun beginning to our week.
Happy Wednesday!

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