Sunday, June 17, 2012

We Like Ike

Happy Father's Day!

(Yes, I had a birthday this weekend, but I'll post about that later this week :) 

We have a pretty amazing man at our house that we get to call Daddy. 
No offense to other dads out there, but we are pretty sure we have the BEST dad in the world.

Isaac gets welcomed home from work each day with six arms fighting for a hug. He's always happy to see us and never complains about a messy house or a tired Momma.

He takes the kids with him into our bedroom and plops them on the bed while he takes off his work shoes and clothes and changes into his Daddy clothes. 

He then asks me how my day has been (which is much appreciated) and then he tells me about his day. He actually talks to me about stuff at work. Which is a big deal to me because I'm a conversation lover and a quality time seeker. I'm so proud of his selfless work ethic and integrity.

We feed the kids dinner. And then, he plays with them. Really, really plays with them.
He rolls on the floor, plays catch, rough houses, throws them 'way up high' in the pool, and/or will even play Pretty Pretty Princess with Annette. Every single night he finds the energy to play.

Play = Love

After playing, he watches Curious George or Strawberry Shortcake or the Littlest Angel with them. Then, we each take a kid, read them stories, sing them hymns and other songs, pray with/for them, and then kiss them goodnight. When one continues to need something and is hollering from their bed, Isaac will lay down the law and get them to sleep. Love that he can take over the discipline role too when needed. And do it with love so so well. 

Then, he cooks or I cook. I'd like to say we are somewhat tied in our cooking frequencies, but if we were keeping score (which I'm so glad we are not :) then he just might be in the lead.  Even will all the responsibility on his plate and with all the roles he feels each day, 
he never complains and is rarely even grumpy.
 That's pretty amazing.
He's pretty amazing. 

Today we celebrated him. 
Because we like our Ike.

Little Charles Isaac Smith Jr. 

Getting Annette to smile for the camera? Like getting crayon off a couch. 

We are also so fortunate to have two other special dads in our lives. We got to see Doc for lunch and will spend some time with Grandad for dinner tonight.

How wonderful that we live so close to both grandpas and get to spend time with both on this special day!

This morning we gave him a Shutterfly-made book.
I filled the pages with digital images of Isaac with the kids. Then filled the text boxes with some answers from asking the kids interview style questions about their Daddy. I also typed up some things the kids and I love about him.

He seemed to really like reading their funny quotes and looking at the collection of photos. He said that he felt like a really good Dad after reading the book. Bingo:)

Above: Card written mostly by Annette.   Below: Book by me and Shutterfly

Model: Annette

I made it hoping he could keep it in his office. In case he misses us while at work.... Or if his work pals want to see pics of his cute wife and kids ; )

My kids and I are blessed, blessed, blessed.

Isaac and kids on video:


Happy Father's Day, folks :)

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Lauren said...

Love, love, love, shutterfly (seriously, we are best friends) and I LOVE this idea for Father's Day. Saving it for next year!!