Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend staycation

We didn't have anywhere to be this weekend, I didn't have to work, and it was hot hot. 
So here was our laid back agenda for our planless Saturday.

1. Isaac and I made pancakes for the kids. Snowflake pancakes. How ironic in 103 degree heat??

(Pictures are out of order below. The blogger app is annoying in that I can't figure out how to arrange pictures in any type of order.)

2. I needed to exchange some shoes from Belk and Isaac needed some shorts. Charlie thoroughly enjoyed the escalators. I bet we went up and down that thing 10 times. Exciting stuff this weekend ; )

3. We went to Big Orange, ate some yummm food and got to see my big bro while we were there. Love eating there.

4. We had some froyo at Orange Leaf. Charlie won't eat the yogurt (or any type of yogurt/ice cream/cold deliciousness you eat with a spoon), but he loves to down a scoop of gummy bears.

4. We swam. And we swam some more.

5. And on Saturday night, we went to the hot air balloon festival at War Memorial. The pics from that fun outing are posted here

Little Charles had to try on clothes too. Oh, how he tries to be like his Daddy. Every morning he puts forth great effort to thread Isaac's belt through his own 2T belt loops. It's pretty funny. And he calls it his 'seat belt' instead of belt. 

Annette enjoys posing for me outside the fitting rooms.

Pretty proud of myself for these little masterpieces. They took more effort than I had imagined. They tasted just as delicious as they look :)

Thankful for a slow paced weekend.
Maybe we will get to go to the lake this coming weekend. Or the next one. 

We shall see!


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