Monday, June 11, 2012

The Big D

Our good, close, wonderful friends will be going to North Carolina in a couple of weeks for a fellowship at UNC.  My sad bottom lip is turned out just typing that.

To soak up the time we have with them before their year long trip, we planned a couples trip to Dallas.

My parents (aka Granny and Grandad) watched our little ones while we adults spent some nice quality time together.

It's amazing how quickly you can drive to Texas when you have a car full of chatty grown-ups instead of car seats full of strapped-in toddlers. Yet, we still had a 'bag of tricks' to entertain ourselves and occupy our time while on the road. We played the Newlywed Game on the way up and back.... my all time favorite road game : ) We had magazines and books and iPhones and music and lots of good convo, too.

 Once there, we girls hit up the malls and shopping, while the boys golfed.

Inspriration everywhere :)


The Wisteria Outlet was so great. Didn't buy anything, but got lots of ideas :)


Amy is from Dallas, so we got to spend some time with her friends and family.
Her gracious parents let us stay with them for the 3 night trip. So kind :)

We ate at this super fun restaurant called Neighborhood Services.

Not sure what he's laughing about, but the whole trip was pretty much this special.

We had already eaten a trio of desserts (I should really say, "I", since I pigged out and ate most of all 3 of them) when I went to the ladies' room and then came back to this. A birthday candle on a clean plate.  I guess I didn't need a 4th dessert.

My birthday isn't for a few more days. That's right. I'm a bit in denial about
 the big 3-0. And I'll be cherishing each last day in my 20's.

We had several other amazing meals. I kept saying, we need something like this back in the Rock!! Although, we have some pretty amazing places to eat there, too.

This was at Dream Cafe.
Notice I have two full plates in front of me. I wanted to try the ricotta pancakes AND the omelette. I realized quite quickly that my eyes were bigger than my appetite.

This was at the Belmont Hotel where the sous chef happened to be a guy who graduated with our guys from P.A.

I guess even Dallas can seem like a small world.

We met up with one of Amy's long time best buds and her hubs.

Love my Isaac.


And on the road trip home, I had a first.
I got to eat at an In-N-Out Burger.

It was DEEE-licious.

All the hype I'd heard? It lived up to it.

After all that food, I am pretty sure I need to run a marathon.
Hopefully, strolling and chasing my kids around will suffice. Ha.

It was fun, y'all.

We love and are gonna miss you, Peeps.

Even though we know y'all will be back lickity-split.


Lauren said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun! I love the Belmont Hotel and Dream cafe so I know you at least ate really well. :)

Morgan Smith said...

lauren, yall live in a FUN place for sure!