Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day. It takes a Village.

After 3 years, I still have a hard time each May realizing that I am a 'mother' and am a recipient of the Happy Mothers Day wishes.

I love that my family takes special time and thought to appreciate me. Feels really nice. Yet, I also feel silly. Not exactly sure why. I generally enjoy the spotlight. Too much sometimes. Perhaps I still feel pretty amateur in the motherhood? My faults too apparent? Maybe it's Isaac giving me hand-picked flowers and a more-kind-than-I-deserve note. He does so much to take care of our family. More than me in a lot of ways. So it feels weird that my teammate is giving me an entire day's worth of praise. Luckily, I know it will be his turn next month ;)

I'm one of the first to admit that being a mother is a difficult job at times, but I am not too blind to see all the help I get from my people. They say it takes a village to raise a kid (don't they?), and that's a welcome truth in my case. Our village is pretty awesome. More awesome that I could ever be on my own. Our church family and AMAZING neighbors. Our babysitters and Mother's Day Out teachers. (Thank you Isaac for  supporting the babysitters and mothers day out :) Isaac's kind parents. My wonderful mother and father who watch my kids so often. And my kid's aunts and uncles and cousins. And then all of our friends, many of whom are raising kids right along side us. Oh, and then there is the Maker of it all. In whom I put all my hope.

So I can't listen to the mother's day wishes without telling Isaac, and our families, and our sweet babysitters, neighbors, and friends that they make being a mother a whole lot more fun and a lot more doable.

My pretty bouquet from Ike and the kids.  This mason jar filled with pretty hydrangeas and other flowers from our yard still makes me smile. 

After church, we headed over to my parent's house. Isaac's parents were in Fayetteville visiting some family, so we will have to give Nonnie her Mother's Day love another day soon.
My agile husband ;)

Below, my mom is letting the kids pick some of her newly potted flowers. 

 Mattie, Mom, Me, Lauren, and our Annette

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

So there. Thank you, Village.

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